Treasure Hunters

About Us

Treasure Hunters is a Private Investigator Firm (PI21600023) and Asset Locating Company licensed in the State of Indiana. Treasure Hunters utilizes government provided lists and specialized search databases to locate individuals, companies, estates, and heirs that have unclaimed funds / property owed to them.

Check out our Information Page for current state laws and regulations for hunters.

Phone: +1 (844) TRZRHNT (879-7468) 

:Fax: 219.246.4580

Location: 402 E. Commercial Ave ~ Lowell, IN 46356

Our Company

How Are We Different?

We Offer Background Checks

We Work For You

Contact us today to see if you have any unclaimed funds/property OWED to YOU

We Work For You

There is no money exchanged up front.

Our company only gets paid once the client receives his/her unclaimed asset.

We will work for and assist you in claiming what is owed to you and/or your family.